Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scars of a Chef by Rick Tramonto

An interesting kind of novel…

Although I liked this book there was something different about it. Something that made me want to read but I still would stop to think “What is so interesting about this book?”
I am not a Chef nor do I plan to become one. But this book was about more the Rick Tramonto’s life as a Chef. It was about how he became a Chef.
Then I found out what the odd thing about his book was. It was written from Tramonto’s perspective, as if he were talking to you in person about his life. Almost like one of those movies where in the end you find out the story and plot was just being told by the main character, but he really did go through all that amazing and life threatening stuff.
It almost seemed like a fiction novel.

Rick Tramonto has been through struggles and upsets, but that never held him down.

Scars of a Chef is a book for you if you like upsets and miracles, cries and laughter, love and stress, or watching GOD work His Glory.
This book even has recipes, so if you like cooking you will love this book.

A true testament to Rick’s love of the kitchen and determination to succeed.”  ---
 Emeril Lagasse.

…Rick’s amazing true story will appeal not to just cooking enthusiasts, but to anyone facing tough times and dreaming of something more.”--- Scars of a Chef

Scars of a Chef is a page turner--- not just because it details Rick Tramonto’s troubling times or glamorous moments but because of the deep honesty with which Rick shares all of his life with us. “…As we see him rebound and triumph even as his life takes new turns, we, too, find hope to dream new dreams.” Michael Lomonaco Executive chef/partner, Porter House New York

This is truly an amazing book!
Reviewed by Savvy Scholars co- owner Olivia

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