Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Direction!

Hey there!  Just a note from Robin of Christian Graces!

The Savvy Scholars got a little scholastically-web- challenged...but that's okay they are still reading.

Maybe you don't know Noah...she has expressed an interest in taking on the management for the blog.  Look for the same great discussions on books and more you've come to expect and even more.  Noah will focus more on movies as she is an avid fan of great films--especially musicals. I wanted to introduce her and to let you all know to expect more great content from the girls in the future.

Meet Noah :) Noah is 12 years old and she has been the CG puppet master since 2009.  She is a gymnast, an accomplished pianist and a great singer (she sang for us during our Dressing the Heart event in 2011).

Along with her elder sister Gabe, she has become quite the movie reviewer and the two of them would like to share their reviews via video with our CG family.  Theirs will be from the Christian perspective-- look out Roger Ebert and Pluggedin Online!
Please welcome her to the Savvy Scholars format graciously.

God Bless, Robin
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