Thursday, January 27, 2011


Me and my good friend Gabe are going to start playing Volleyball. Starting TODAY. Any tips or comments on what to do?? Because I have absolutely no clue what they will want me to do.
I have wanted to play Soccer for a long time now but stuff always got in the way, so then I said I might want to play Volleyball and now here I am playing Volleyball. Maybe GOD has something out for experience... or just want to have a good laugh... at us!
So please leave a comment on ALL tips that might help or maybe the time you tried out volleyball... and how that turned out.

Hey Olivia here (again), me and Gabe just got home from Volleyball!! We have never ran that much in our (short) lives! But we are going back next week, we think we can handle it again (think). P.S. It was not that bad...

Please leave a comment! God Bless! Olivia & Gabe
Sorry no pictures this time, next time I promise.

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  1. Just a comment from the gallery:) Olivia, you and Gabe did an excellent job at volleyball. Congratulations~


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