Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Day

So if your day was just OK, or maybe down right terrible, then ask your self this question. "Why was my day so bad??". If you answer "it was just a bad day, leave it at that!" or even "it was just OK (with a slumpy voice) maybe tomorrow will be better. *sigh*
Then maybe you should pray. To your only LORD and SAVIOR who will calm your tears. If you have already done that (which more could never hurt), just look around you not in this miserable world, but to GOD.
Remember every thing you have the LORD has given, every thing you can not see in the future He will still give, and the things He has prepared for you... gosh look at all the great things you push aside for one simple misforture...

Have you had a bad day lately??
God Bless!
Here are some perfect songs for this...

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