Friday, October 21, 2011

Every Single Woman's Battle - Book Review

‘Every Single Women’s Battle’ is a very helpful book for a woman of an appropriate age.
I did like this book a lot but, it talks a lot about dating, marriage, and sexual devotion.
And if you (like me) have never dated, been married, or had sex there might be a problem trying to connect with what this book talks about.

It also asks you to make sure you want God to help you overcome this sin. And I (probably because I’m young) was thinking ‘Umm… yes that’s kinda why I’m reading this, right?’ but, I think, what it meant by that was ‘Do you really want God to help you? Are you really going to do all these things that are necessary to stop your flesh from winning? Instead of thinking just because you’re reading this devotional your life is going to get better?’ And it takes a mature person to really be patience and take every step.

This book is very good for someone trying to understand herself. Sometimes the questions you ask yourself are not the right questions. And there are certainly varieties of questions asked in this book.

This book is also made for groups (I did this alone, so it is not impossible; but it was written for groups). Like a ladies Bible study at a church or group of dedicated friends.

After you read ‘Every Single Woman’s Battle’ you might start to question the things you think, do, see, and think. You might start to notice the things you know are wrong but have done so many times the evil about doing it went away.

So, over all, I would recommend this book, but for women 20 or older, because if you are too young this book will be confusing. You will doubt everything you do and, unintentionally, have a stronger desire for a man.
Written by Olivia =D
This review was written by Olivia Mcfarlin - Co-owner of Savvy Scholars

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